Reverse Phone Lookup: How to Play Detective on Prank Callers

Obnoxious callers, be warned by this: those who are using the reverse phone lookup service are out to get you. For all those grumpy mornings caused by the ringing of the phone in the middle of the night, finally, there is a way to win this battle against the prank callers. Through the aid of such dedicated phone number tracking services, phone owners can now target the “usual suspects” and eventually report them to the proper authorities.

If your home phone or personal cellphone continues to receive calls from anonymous people, it is about time that you should take an action against these perpetrators. This is a security issue that needs to be addressed immediately to ensure the safety of the household and anyone concerned. The reverse phone lookup is a service that proves to be successful in uncovering the identities as well as the vital information of the people from which the prank calls came from. To take advantage of this service, here is a basic guide that you should follow:

  1. List down the numbers of suspicious calls that have registered in your phone. If it is the same number of someone who frequently calls, it would be easy to find out who it was.
  2. Look down the owner of the number by searching the database of a reverse phone lookup service. Obviously, you are to perform the search online through a reputable website offering such kind of tracking service. It can be a free service or one that charges for a little fee before allowing an access. Simply type in the number and let the search engine of the site locate the necessary information about the owner of the suspicious number.
  3. Jot down or print out the information that you have gathered from the site. It can be the registered name of the caller or the location of the subscriber. You may still need to verify these data with the authorities before making charges on the caller. This is because you might end up accusing the wrong party. In that case, the mistake is due to the website’s inaccuracy

However, there is one caveat in using an online reverse phone directory: the information that you may find may not be recent. This may pose a little problem on your part, especially if you just paid for the service. Hence, it becomes necessary to do some research on the best reverse phone lookup websites to make sure that you get only the right results.